Home Security System Maintenance


If you're serious about maintaining your home security system, then you're going to need to plan it. Because going your own maintenance, whether it's a home alarm or a series of security cameras can save you money, but only if you do it properly and on a pre-determined basis.

Home Alarm System

Thinking about your home alarm like you would any other electronics in your home is a good idea. That means being cautious when closing doors and windows where security sensors are located, making sure that no dust builds up on the key pad or any sensors, and cleaning the keypad and other components well but carefully. If you wouldn't do it to your home entertainment system, you likely shouldn't do it to your home security system, either.

Ensuring System Reliability - Batteries

This can be done by testing your wireless system monthly, as well as any time after the alarm was set off. Your system's batteries are a vital component if you want your system to be reliable. And so when your system begins emitting warning tones that the batteries are low, changing them as soon as possible is the best idea.

Of course, if you're not yet ready to change the batteries in your system, you can turn off any warning sounds temporarily by pressing the 'off' key. But this won't prevent your batteries from dying. You will have to check all of the sensors in your system to ensure the batteries are functional.

It's recommended that you use the batteries suggested by your alarm company in your sensors to ensure optimal function. Doing otherwise could void your agreement with your company or cost you money in the future if professional repair is required.

Once you've replaced the batteries in your sensors, you will have to activate each one in order to confirm proper function. This can be done by opening all entry points which have sensors installed.

If you have a wired system, your alarm company will likely be able to test your system for you if you let them know.

Ensuring System Reliability - Cameras

Seasonal maintenance is crucial if you have installed a security camera system outside of your home. Experts suggest that maintenance on outdoor security cameras is best conducted in the spring and fall months.

Each camera should be checked for dust, which can accumulate in a camera's air vents and fans. Just like in a personal computer, dust which blocks these vents and fans can result in the overheating of your cameras, rendering them inoperable.

All cameras in your system should be tested for day and night operation, which means checking video playback and recording. Wireless cameras should be checked to ensure there is no nearby interference.

For cameras located in areas where storms can affect them, preparing for the change of season may be necessary. This could include the installation of more weather-resistant housing. Or, the cameras may have to be moved to a more suitable, out-of-the-weather location.

Maintaining all of your security devices when you maintain other areas of your household, such as your rain gutters can ensure that you are well-protected year round from burglary and loss.

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