Regular Maintenance For Maximum Home Security Systems Protection

Buying a security system can mean that your whole family can get the peace of mind they deserve. But did you know that buying a system is just the beginning? Your alarm system, in order to provide your family with the protection they need must be maintained on a regular basis.

The good news is that you can do a lot of maintenance yourself. One simple example is remembering to test your system each and every month. You may also have to change your system's batteries, depending on the type of product you've purchased.

Testing Your System

There is help for how to properly test your system, which can be found in the owner's manual that came with it. Testing a home security system can be very similar to having a fire drill; you will have to let everyone in your household known when and for how long testing will be taking place. This way, no one will panic when they hear the sound of the alarm.

Your system will likely have a testing mode, which can be accessed by hitting a particular series of keys on your system's control panel. Once done, you can go through your home and test each sensor individually to ensure a strong signal to the control panel.

You may also wish to ensure all of the smoke alarms in your home - usually a part of a security system - are free of dust and working properly. Using your vacuum cleaner with its upholstery attachment will help sweep the dust out of any crevices in your smoke alarms.

If your security system has heat sensors, these can be tested by rubbing your hands together for half a minute, and then placing them on the sensors to check for an alarm response.

Educating The Household

Maintenance of your home security system can also include going over its features with family members. When everyone understands how the system works, it becomes much more likely that a malfunction will be detected. It can also mean that maintenance duties can be shared.

When revisiting your system, ensure that arming, disarming and any special features such as flood detection are well understood, as well as how to tell when the system is sending warning signals.

When To Call The Security Company

As well as you may be maintaining your system by yourself, it's important to be understand that you will need to eventually get in touch with your security company for maintenance. Despite all you can do on your own, some circumstances are best dealt with by calling a professional.


If you've recently remodeled your home or plan to, a visit from your security company may be required. The building of an addition could mean that you will require additional sensor installation. You can also call before you remodel to see what your security company may need to plan or schedule for.

The Call List

A call list is something that is often forgotten by homeowners. This is the list of people you trust that you can give to your security company in the event that something happens while you are not at home. Checking your list for any changes in address or phone number, and then communicating these changes to your security company is always a good idea.


Just like your computer programs, your system may be eligible for upgrades from time to time. Taking advantage of these upgrades is critical in order to maintain optimal home security. Check with your security company once in awhile to see whether there are any new add-ons or technological advances that can benefit you.

Keep in mind that, if you find that you can't rely on yourself or others to test your system that your home security alarm company can do the testing for you. But your company is relying on you to notify them that you need this done. Most of the time, a security company can test your system without having to visit your home.


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